Now Offering Same Day Crowns for Downtown Denver

Breaking a tooth is painful enough, you shouldn’t have to wait to make your smile whole again. With same-day crowns, we can get you in and out of our office with a flawless porcelain crown so you can get back to your life without missing a beat and without anybody knowing the difference.

Why Same-Day Crowns?

At Icon Dental Denver, we understand your active lifestyle, after all, we are busy professionals ourselves. Traditional crowns take at least two office visits which takes time away from your busy schedule that you could spend doing better, or at least more fun, things than paying a visit to your dentist. During the wait between your visits, you’ll also keep experiencing pain from the broken tooth. So why wait? Using cutting-edge technology, we can take a digital image of your teeth, design and manufacture your crown using a Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) machine and bind it to your broken tooth, all in a single visit.

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What’s the Difference Between Same-Day and Traditional Crowns?

Traditional crowns are made in a lab and require significantly more time to create since they are often made layer by layer. Same-day crowns are made in office using the CEREC machine which combines CAD and CAM (computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing) into a single tool. The CEREC machine uses an image of your broken tooth to generate a model of your new crown which can then be tweaked by Dr. Tarjan DDS for cosmetic or functional reasons. Once the model is finalized, your crown is carved out of a small piece of porcelain and fixed to your tooth.

Will Insurance Cover a Same-Day Crown?

Every insurance provider is different, but many providers do cover same-day crowns just like traditional, lab-made crowns. We’ll work with your provider to get you the best coverage possible.

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